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Google to launch Nexus TV streaming player next year: Report

Google Nexus TVThe success of Chromecast has given Google the much needed boost for its living room ambitions. The company is reportedly working on a media streaming device, which might be called Nexus TV, for launch next year.

It is going be more like a full-featured version of Chromecast rather than Google TV. According to a report in The Information, Nexus TV will allow consumers to stream video and audio content from variety of sources like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora as well as let them play Android games with Google Play support. Think of Nexus TV as Chromecast + Ouya with some seasoning to make it more delicious.

This device is said to be in works right now and will release in the first half of 2014. Reportedly, Google has stopped pursuing the traditional television content providers and is looking at what it can offer by simply bypassing them. Chromecast followed the same principle coupled with cheap price-tag and it can got decent success and Google hopes to repeat the same with Nexus TV.

A Google I/O 2014 announcement seems likely as it falls in the first half window suggested by The Information and it will also be one year since the launch of Chromecast by then, thus a perfect time to release a more-featured successor.

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