Angry Birds Go kart-racer lands in Google Play

Angry Birds GoRovio has released Angry Birds Go Android version in Google Play today. This downhill kart-racer is not your usual racing game but comes with several Angry Birds twists. It includes the known Angry Birds characters including pigs, whom you have to defeat as a part of the game during various races. You can even race as a pig.

Available as free download, the game also includes several in-app purchases, which might become necessary after a given point to advance in the game. Overall a fun title, it is about 168MB in size, making it the biggest Angry Birds game till date.

Rovio has also revealed that it will be bringing more features of Angry Birds Go in the future including multiplayer support.

“Like all our games, fun new content and exciting gameplay will be brought in through future game updates. In spring 2014 we’ll be bringing multiplayer to Angry Birds Go,” Rovio noted in a blog post.

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