Samsung working on an Android smartphone with three-sided display: Report

Samsung bendable display smartphone patentAccording to a report in Bloomberg, Samsung is working on a Galaxy series smartphone with three-sided bended display.  The phone reportedly uses an upgraded version of Samsung’s Youm technology, which is also used in Galaxy Round.

The news comes at a time when a patent application filed by Samsung explaining the same smartphone has appeared on USPTO website. The patent application was originally filed in May this year and published on the website yesterday.

This application talks about a smartphone with bended/ wrapped around display on the three sides of the phone and its use-cases. You can see many of these use-cases in the images embedded in this post.

Bloomberg sources note that this smartphone might be released in the second-half of next year but there is no confirmed release date as of now.

While we are not sure if this phone will really make it to the market but it certainly seems interesting and as you can see Samsung has actually found some real use-cases for such a technology but do we really need a phone with display on three-sides for these use-cases? Tell us your thoughts in comments.


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