Google updates Translate Android app with better speech translation

Google Translate for AndroidIn its bid to make speech translation even better, Google has released a new update for its Translate app on Android. The new update brings faster and simpler speech translation, support for additional languages and new user-interface.

According to a Google blog post, Google has now included gesture support in the Translate app to make speech translation better. Now, with a simple turn of screen, you can switch between languages. It works great in conversation.

“Let’s say you’re taking your first vacation abroad and decide to head to Spain. The only problem? You don’t speak Spanish. Now — equipped with just your Android device — you can have a fully translated back-and-forth conversation from Spanish to English with very little work. All you need to do is open up your Translate app and press the microphone icon. We’ve also added gesture support, so with a simple turn of the screen, you can switch back and forth between languages,” explains Google.Google Translate for Android

In addition, Google has added more languages support in handwriting translation (Hebrew, Greek, Javanese, and Esperanto) and camera translation (Malay and Ukranian).

The update is rolling-out in phases, so it might take some time to appear on your Android smartphone/ tablet. If you don’t already have Google Translate, download it using the link below.

Google Translate on Google Play

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