Google Search app updated, brings new Google Now cards

New Google Now cardsGoogle has released an update for its official Search app on Android today. The update mainly packs Google Now related changes but also brings beautiful search results to Android.

Key features of the update:

  • Website update cards: If you’re a fan of a particular blog, the Website update card can bring you things like the latest post so you’ll never miss a story. Will help you in keeping up with :).
  • News topic card: It brings you fresh articles from the web on topics you care about
  • What to watch card: It gives you Movie and TV recommendations when you’re staying in.
  • Real-time traffic incidents from Waze
  • Ok Google hotword support (only for US)
  • Google Now can keep you updated about notable people when you search for them
  • Conversational voice-commands: Now Google Now support voice-commands like “send a message,” which you can use to send the entire message by just speaking to the phone. It is not perfect but works well.

New Google Now cardsNote: Most of the updated features are only available on device running Android 4.1+.

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