Google details Android 4.4 phone app changes

Your Google+ photo to be linked with your phone number

As we reported earlier, Android 4.4 brings a revamped phone app and now Google has revealed the changes present in the Android 4.4 phone app in detail. Here is a look at them.

Better Search:  With Android 4.4, your contact search is not just limited to your personal Google contact list but also Google local listings and Google apps account contacts. No need to go to the web looking for phone number of your nearby restaurant to order food, just go to the phone app and search by name and the phone number if present in Google Local will automatically appear.

Caller ID by Google:  Again, your phone does not just check in your contact list to identify callers but also in business listings in Google Places, Google Apps contacts and even in Google+ (for users who have verified their phone number and have discovery turned on).

The last part is particularly interesting as it increases the search group to millions of users, as your phone will now look in Google+ to identify callers. If the number of your caller matches with the verified number of a Google+ user and that person has turned discovery on, his or her photograph and name will automatically appear in caller-ID.  This specific feature will go live in early-2014. You can change the related settings on how you appear in Caller ID by Google at this link.

In addition to these changes, phone now also packs a refreshed look.

4 thoughts on “Google details Android 4.4 phone app changes

  1. Gaurav, I find this ‘compulsory’ registration drive of Google Plus pretty disturbing. I don’t have a G+ account nor do I wish to have this for myself BUT it seems Google is slowly but surely forcing Android/Google users to have one. Isn’t a gmail id sufficient? I wish to know understand from this forum if G+ account is indeed a pre-condition for having any new Android device now (I know it is compulsory for sending comments on Google Play which is ridiculous).?

    1. No, having a Google+ account is not necessary to use an Android device, however there might be some features, which would need you to have a Google+ account including the one you mentioned yourself – comments on Google Play.

      1. Thanks! I see a definite ploy by Google to get all users to “get” G+ though since ‘snooping’ is the in thing nowadays.

  2. Gaurav, nexus 5 doesnt have a removable battery and no slot for memory expansion… should i consider these things if i wish to buy a phone for the next 2 to 3 years use..or suggest me if i can go for galaxy note 2…

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