Samsung Galaxy S4 mini sales disappointing: Report

GALAXY S4 miniDigitimes is reporting that sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 mini smartphone has been disappointing and the company might be forced to rethink its strategy. While Samsung has not revealed any official numbers, the Galaxy S4 Mini price reduction in the Indian market by over INR 5,000 (around $80) within three months of release is an indication that the phone is not selling.

We all know that despite carrying the Galaxy S4 name, S4 mini does not really have any S4 like specifications. Digitimes notes that the release of other competitive mid-range models from Samsung itself has also led consumers to choose other phones over Galaxy S4 mini.

Taking cues from Galaxy S4 mini performance, Sony has gone for a different route with its own mini version of Xperia Z1, which is set to go on sale in December-end. Unlike Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Sony Xperia Z1 f comes with high-end specs and isn’t just an attempt to capitalise on the branding of the flagship phone.



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