Moto G sighted on Motorola website, launch imminent?

MMoto Gotorola’s rumoured Moto G smartphone has been sighted on the company website yesterday. Spotted in the website navigation menu, it was hyperlinked to, which is not-accessible right now. The menu item for Moto G was later removed.

This sighting on the Motorola website suggests that Moto G might be arriving soon. Also, it has been quite some time since Motorola announced a new smartphone.

Moto G is expected to be the much rumoured Motorola DVX, which is a budget variant of Moto X. As per rumours, DVX packs 4.5-inch display, dual-core processor based Motorola X8 chip system, dual-SIM support and Jelly Bean.  Other details about DVX are a mystery right now.

If Moto G is indeed DVX, it will be released in emerging and prepaid markets, as noted by Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside in an interview after the Moto X launch.


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