Jelly Bean now on 49 pc of total Android devices

Android Platform Data for OctoberAs per the latest Android platform data shared by Google, Jelly Bean Android versions 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 are now present on a total of 49 per cent (48.6 pc to be exact) Android devices. All other versions are on a decline, which given the fact that Jelly Bean accounts for the last three Android releases is no surprise.

Compared to last month’s numbers, Ice Cream Sandwich share came down 1.1 per cent and Gingerbread’s share fell by 2.2 per cent. Froyo and other versions, which are now on minuscule number of Android devices, also continue to go down.

This is first platform numbers in which Android 4.3 has made an appearance, the devices with Android 4.3 currently account for 1.5 per cent of the total active Android devices, which accessed Google Play app in the last fortnight.

Gingerbread still remains the second biggest Android version with 28.5 per cent share and the number does not seem to be going down easily as there are no longer any version updates for Android 2.3 running devices and the situation will only change once the consumers with these devices upgrade to a newer device.


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