HTC partners with SRCH2 to bring instant search to smartphones

SRCH2HTC and SRCH2 have announced that they have teamed up to bring lightning fast search on future HTC smartphones.  The Taiwan-based smartphone maker will be including SRCH2’s advanced search capability in its next-generation devices. For those of you unaware of SRCH2, it is an enterprise search start-up founded by Xooglers.

“Search-as-you-type on a handset is an industry-first, and will be an eye-popper for HTC’s millions of users,” said SRCH2’s CEO, Dev Bhatia. “They will be delighted by a super-fast, ultra-friendly, universal search experience, fully integrated into their devices. Our tools, running right on the device, will enable a plethora of new interactions with all kinds of on-device and off-device content.”

Here is a look at some of features of SRCH2, which will be seen in future HTC phones:

  • Instant Forward Search: “Search-as-you-type” functionality presents new choices with every keystroke and helps users find what they want, faster.
  • Rapid GeoSearch: SRCH2 treats location-search as a single-process search element, enabling super-fast, relevant, geo-aware search.
  • Error Tolerance: With SRCH2, typos are not as costly because users can still find what they’re looking for.

There is no word on which will be the first device to come integrated with SRCH2 technology but we can at least expect it to be a part of next flagship smartphone from the company.

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