Get improved app insights by linking Google Analytics with Google Play

Google Play referralGoogle has announced that Android app developers can now know more about their app users by linking their Google Analytics account with Google Play developer console. The feature is already live and can be used by any app developer.

“In Google Analytics, you’ll get a new report highlighting which campaigns are driving the most views, installs, and new users in Google Play. In the Developer Console, you’ll get new app stats that let you easily see your app’s engagement based on Analytics data,” Google noted in a blog post.

Here is a look at some of areas about you will be able to get more data using this new integration

  • Google Play traffic sources: Know how your app campaigns are performing and how users are reaching or knowing about your apps
  • Views on Google Play:  More details about what users are looking on Google Play listing
  • Installs:  Know about the number of users for each referral who actually clicked the install link for your app on Google Play and more
  • New users: More data about which users actually opened your app after installing it from Google Play.Google Analytics engagement

Read more on the same in the official blog post.


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