Feedly for Android updated, brings 300% faster start time

Feedly for Android version 17 Feedly has released an updated version of its official app for Android. The updated version 17 brings a host of improvements including 300 per cent faster start-up times. Among other changes, you can expect to see more fluid scrolling experience and a new version of widget.

The company is also releasing a Galaxy Gear supported version of Feedly along with this update, which will be available in Samsung Apps.

Feedly for Android version 17 change-log

  • New version of the android widget
  • 300% faster start time
  • More fluid scrolling experience
  • Better fonts and visual design
  • Search in my feedly (pro)
  • New discover section
  • Enhanced feed search
  • No auto-refresh on restart
  • New Facebook SDK integration

The official blog post from the company about this update had earlier mentioned support for Android 4.4 as well in the change-log but that has since been removed.


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