Chromecast Android app now available internationally

chromecastGoogle seems to be getting ready to release Chromecast media streamer outside the United States. The company late Friday rolled-out the official Chromecast Android app internationally, which was earlier only accessible to US Google Play users.

Now, Android users in India and other countries will be able to download the official Chromecast app directly from Google Play. It is good news for Chromecast owners who are not living in the US (and using imported units) and also seems like the first step in making Chromecast hardware available in more markets.

There is no official word on when the Chromecast dongle will be released in other countries but keep an eye out for the availability of Chromecast in your country-specific Google Play store and other popular e-retailers.

Coming back to Chromecast app, it is used for setting up Chromecast hardware in order to make it work with your Wi-Fi network and also to manage your Chromecast settings.



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