Amazon working with HTC on a range of smartphones: Report

AmazonThere is a new twist in the Amazon smartphone saga, which never seems to die down. According to Financial Times, Amazon has been working with Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC on three smartphones.

FT notes that two out of these three smartphones are in advanced stage of development but there is still no clear timeline of release. Amazon has already made it clear that it does not plan to release any smartphones this year. So, we will probably see one or more of these smartphones next year.

Considering the not-so-good fortunes of HTC, it makes sense for the company to work with Amazon to get a success on its board but HTC’s last such outing with Facebook did not turn out too well.

Both Amazon and HTC declined to comment on the same to Financial Times but HTC CMO Ben Ho did say that his company was open to such partnerships.

“We have been very focused on building our own brand, but we have also been very open to co-branding and collaborating with carriers and other technology brands,” said Ho.

As per rumours until now, we know that Amazon is working on a budget smartphone that will get a very competitive price tag and another phone, which will come with a fancy four camera arrangement to track the user’s eyes/head and move the smartphone UI to give the impression of 3D.

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