US intelligence agency NSA can spy on your smartphone too: Report

NSA SpyingUnless you were living in a cave for the last few months, you would have heard about the whole NSA surveillance scandal and how this US intelligence agency (and probably others too) has been doing mass surveillance without any checks. There have been reports on how they had direct access to some of the most popular web-services including emails and more.

Now, a report from SPIEGEL suggests that NSA has the capability to tap user data from Android, iOS and even BlackBerry smartphones. The current SPIEGEL report is light on details but the publication notes that it will bring another report tomorrow i.e. Monday with more details.

The internal NSA documents with SPIEGEL show that that it is possible for the US intelligence agency to tap most sensitive data held on the smart phones, including contacts, SMS, notes and even location information.

You can read the SPIEGEL report here and we will update this post once the publication shares more details on Monday.

Update (Sep 9): SPIEGEL has posted the updated version of its smartphone surveillance story but there is hardly any detail on how NSA spies on Android smartphones. There is some information on how surveillance is being done on Blackberry and iOS platforms, if you want read about it, you can find the full article here.


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