Is Oppo Cyanogen Inc’s first hardware partner? Probably

Seems like Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is going to be the first Cyanogen Inc hardware partner. Oppo today released a teaser featuring none other than Cyanogen aka Steve Kondik himself, who stated that he was excited to be joining the Oppo team in Beijing for Oppo N1 launch on September 23 and there will be an exciting announcement.


There is no way to certainly state what is going to be revealed at this press event apart from the Oppo N1 but there is no reason for Cyanogen to be present there unless there is going to be some sort of a partnership announcement.

Also, Cyanogen Inc has already revealed that it will be sharing details about its first hardware partner next week and the Oppo event lines-up pretty decently with it.

In case it is true that Oppo is going to be the first hardware partner for Cyanogen, the smartphone maker seems like a decent grab for Cyanogen team, considering none of the biggies will be lining up to work with Cyanogen as they already spent millions on their own software development. It is the smaller players like Oppo, for whom it makes sense to have a software partner and focus on hardware.

Anyways, we will know more soon enough, September 23 is just three days away.


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