Motorola DVX will have at-least four backplate color options: Report

Motorola DVXWe have known about the Moto X’s affordable variant DVX for a while but it is still largely a mystery but thanks to the latest leak, we now know that Motorola DVX will at least have four options for coloured interchangeable back-plates.

Changeable back-plates are nothing new for the phone market but given the customisation options available in Moto X, Motorola wants to offer at least some level of choice for cheaper variant owners.

It was Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside, who first told CNET about the existence of an affordable variant of Moto X that was meant for emerging and prepaid markets but since that revelation the company has been mute on the topic but now that Moto X is almost rolled out in all targeted markets, we can expect to hear some information about Motorola DVX.

A recent leak also suggested that Motorola DVX might be released on Republic Wireless telecom operator in the United States. We are keeping an eye out for more details on DVX and will update the story if anything new pops up in the coming days.


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