Dead Trigger 2 launching in Google Play on October 23 for free

Dead Trigger 2 Madfinger Games has announced that it will be releasing the successor to the popular first-person zombie shooter game Dead Trigger on October 23. Dubbed as Dead Trigger 2, the game will be released for free like the predecessor but this time, you don’t have to spend any actual money to buy weapons etc., there will still be some optional in-app purchases.

According to Madfinger Games, the game will come with new areas, better graphics, bigger zombies to kill and a new gameplay where everyone has to work together to save humanity and all.

Madfinger Games claims that Dead Trigger 2 comes with enhanced graphic effects which will push forward the boundaries of graphics on mobile devices. “You’ll be amazed at the Realistic Water Reflections, Dynamic Shadows, Dynamic Light Projectors and Dynamic Grass,” states Pavel Cizek, Project Leader and Graphic Artist at Madfinger Games.

Here are some key details about Dead Trigger 2:

  • New Hide-out concept and new features
  • Enhanced graphic effects including per-pixel lighting and advanced ragdoll physics
  • New locations like Shanghai, London or in the middle of the desert far away in Africa
  • A real time and never-ending story
  • Sinister new boss AI
  • Free to play game with no premium content or premium weapons

Check out a promo video of the game below


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