CyanogenMod team releases CM 10.1.3 RC2 builds

CyanogenMod BuildsCyanogenMod team has announced that it has started rolling out the CM 10.1.3 RC2 builds for the supported devices. The updated builds can be downloaded using CM Updater or via, as the builds are still being churned out, it might take some time for your device-specific build to appear.

“CyanogenMod 10.1.3 Release Candidate #2 are building on our servers now. This wave of RC’s also includes the Oppo Find 5, Nook HD (hummingbird) as well as Nook HD+ (ovation), which missed the first release candidate. We are targeting 90 devices for this RC2, so please be patient as our build machines crank them out,” the team noted in a blog post.

As these builds are based on Android 4.2.2, don’t mix them up with CM 10.2 nightlies, which are based on Android 4.3 code, the team warned.

Once stable, CM 10.1.3 is going to be the last official release for Android 4.2-branch and the team will start focussing on Android 4.3 releases.


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