CyanogenMod becomes a company, in talks with a hardware manufacturer

Cyanogen Inc.In an unexpected move, Steve Kondik aka Cyanogen today announced that CyanogenMod is no longer a group of developers trying to build CM for Android users in their free time, it has become a full-fledged company, to be known as Cyanogen Inc. (and has been for around nine months now).

In the retrospect, given the amount of the changes happening on CM-end in the last few months, this move does not look all that surprising.

According to blog post CyanogenMod closed a Series A funding round in April 2013 from Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures, which have invested $7 million in Cyanogen Inc. The company is based in Seattle and Palo Alto right now with a total of 17 team members including ROM Manager and ClockworkMod recovery creator Koushik Dutta.

The long-terms plans of the company are a little unclear at this point but we do know a few short-terms ones. One of these short-term plans is making CM installation process easier, so that more users, who were until afraid to mess up their Android devices in the process, will be able to install CyanogenMod on their devices. The company will be releasing a CM Installer app in Google Play in the coming weeks, which will support limited devices initially but Cyanogen wants to add more as they move forward.

“The biggest obstacle we wanted to get out of the way is the hideous installation process. Today there are more open and unlockable devices than ever, but they all have their quirks and wildly different installation procedures. We’ve done our best to document the process for every device we support on our wiki, but it is still a daunting process for mere mortals. This is not sufficient—installation needs to be easy and safe,” Kondik wrote in a blog post.

Engadget is also reporting that Cyanogen Inc. in in talks with an unnamed hardware manufacturer for probably a CM-based device, but exact nature of the talks in a mystery at this point.

From the looks of it, Cyanogen Inc. seems to moving in a direction, where it will become something like Xiaomi of China.  We are actively tracking the story and will update as soon as we hear something more.

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