CyanogenMod 10.1.3 stable release now available

CM LogoCyanogenMod team has released the stable builds of CM 10.1.3 for several devices. You can now download CM 10.1.3 from or via CM Updater on your Android device.

According to CM team, in addition to the features present in CM 10.1.2, the 10.1.3 stable release also includes CM account functionality, which was until only available in CM 10.2 nightlies. The team also noted that it is going to be the final planned release for 10.1 code-brand and they will now be focussing on Android 4.3 based CM 10.2.

There is a lot happening on the CyanogenMod front these days and it is good to see that despite all the stuff, they are continuing to release builds for CM users around the world.

In related news, Cyanogen Inc partnered with Oppo on Monday and both companies will be releasing a CyanogenMod edition of Oppo N1 smartphone that will run CM out of the box. There is no word on the exact release date of this CM phone.

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