Top apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3When Samsung launched the original Galaxy Note smartphone in 2011, no one thought that with the release of Note, the company was creating a new product category in the smartphone world – phablet. The success of original Galaxy Note and even better response to Galaxy Note II showed that phablets were here to stay.

Samsung recently announced the third smartphone in Note series – Galaxy Note 3 and in the next few days, consumers around the world would be rushing to the stores to grab this latest phablet from the company.

Samsung focusses a lot on the software part of its devices, some would say a little too much. Samsung Android devices tend to be filled with software features, which many would hardly use. The company pre-loads applications for almost every normal use case on its devices and Note 3 is not going to be any different. However, for an ecosystem like Android, where Google Play is filled with more than a million apps, why settle for a pre-loaded app when you can find something better.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the best applications that you can put in your Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. If you want to suggest more apps for your fellow Galaxy Note 3 users, drop in the app names in comments.

Some of the best apps for Galaxy Note 3

  • Feedly, Press:  Two of the best RSS readers available in the Google Play right now.
  • Doubletwist: A great music player with integrated podcast, radio & sync features
  • SketchBook Mobile Express, Sketcher Lite, Infinite Painter:  Some of the best sketching and drawing applications and all these apps support S-Pen.
  • Magisto Video Editor & Maker: Turn your video clips and pictures into beautifully edited movies, complete with your choice of music, cool graphics, and effects.
  • Evernote, Keep, Simplenote: Some of the best note-taking applications
  • Kid Mode by Zoodles: Do your kids play with your phone or have constant access, it not only comes with fun and educational games but also with parental controls to lock feature that you might want your kids to use.
  • Quickoffice: Thanks to Google, now you can get a fully featured office suite for free, which integrates with Google Drive.
  • ES File Manager, Astro File Manager: Two of the greatest file managers available in Google Play
  • Runkeeper: For all your fitness needs
  • Merriam Webster Dictionary: Offline dictionary
  • Yahoo Weather: Thanks to a recent revamp, Yahoo Weather is one of the most beautiful weather app available in Google Play
  • Gobackup, Helium: It’s always great to have backups right, so here are two good backup apps.

Here is the appbrain link to this list of apps, if you have an appbrain account, you can easily install these apps using this list or you can get these apps by directly searching in Google Play.

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