Nokia’s Android phone project is still underway: Report

Android on NokiaRemember the recent reports, which revealed that Nokia was secretly working on an Android-powered Lumia smartphone prototype (codenamed MView); well it turns out that despite Microsoft’s plans to buy Nokia’s devices unit, the development of this prototype in still underway.

According to a report in Chinese publication CTechnology, Nokia plans to continue the development of this Android smartphone at least until the acquisition is not approved by its shareholders. The company is holding a shareholder meet in November, where the decision will be taken regarding Microsoft’s acquisition offer.

The report also notes that the work on this Qualcomm 8225Q processor-powered Android prototype is currently going on at the Beijing R&D center of the company and contract-based device maker Foxconn has even delivered 10,000 units of this prototype to Nokia.

While it is highly unlikely that Nokia shareholders will decline Microsoft’s offer, the company still doesn’t want to take any risk and continue with its previous plans. If you are waiting for a Nokia-built Android phone, pray that Nokia shareholders somehow decide against the Microsoft deal.


  1. If Nokia ever embraces android, Microsoft will have a winner hands down in India, there’s no doubt about it. But All the Mircosoft guys are dumb, if any of Microsoft employee or decision maker is reading this, and thinking of windows phone in nokia hardware…….. better leverage and enter into android smartphone market in india with NOKIA lumina name not a nokia LUMINA name…. sell your android phones as if there no other android phone in the market, make a foot hold of your brand name as a household name just a a nokia normal phone is………then try pushing in windows phone os as a stable reliable alternative……strategy will take 2 years….but it will pay off……..but your king size ego will never ever allow to take the road not taken…….hence ………microsoft may be poplulated with IIT/ENGG grads…even top of the line MBAs or simple graduates with exeptional marketing credentials….. but still you are all dumb guys……for there are masters who dictate what will come up..and for now it is android as long as Linux Kernel runs in it.


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