Twitter Android app updated with login verification, better search

Twitter for AndroidTwitter has released an update for its official Android app today, which brings a new way of two-factor authentication for users along with other improvements.  Twitter users will now be able to verify login requests via the official app along with the already available SMS-based login verification that was released in May this year.

As the previous method was carrier dependent, not all users had access to two-factor security but with the latest update, everyone can opt in for additional security of their account.

“By using push messaging and in-application approvals, you no longer need to provide your phone number to use login verification. If you manage multiple Twitter accounts, but only have one phone number, you can now opt all of them into login verification,” Twitter noted in a blog post.

Here is how the app-based login verification works:

  • From the Me tab in the Twitter application, open Settings and then tap Security (Android users: you’ll need to tap your name before you can select Security)
  • Turn on Login verification
  • Store the generated backup code in a safe place. You will need to use this code if you need to access your account when you don’t have your phone.
  • After you enroll in login verification, you’ll use the Twitter application to approve requests each time you sign in to with your username and password.

In addition to the login verification, Twitter for Android update also brings better search experience, new photo gallery in search and performance improvements.

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