Samsung brings support for nine Indian languages on Galaxy devices

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 launch
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Samsung has announced that it is adding support for nine Indian languages on its Galaxy series of smartphones and tablets. The support of the Indian languages is not just limited to user interface but users will also be able to see content in select applications in the Indian languages.

According to a press note issued by the company, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab 3 series will be the first Samsung devices to get the support for Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Gujarati. More Galaxy devices will be added in the coming weeks.

The applications with local language support can be downloaded from the Samsung Apps store, which will house the updated versions of these apps.

“Popular applications like Bharat Matrimony, Ganesh speak, Indian property, Times of India, BSE, and Mydala amongst hundreds of other applications will soon be available in vernacular language for users. Customers can right away get experience in their own language by using ChatOn, Facebook, Gmail, and Newshunt on select Samsung devices,” Samsung noted in a press release.

There is no mention in the press release on how exactly is the company planning to bring updated user interface to the Galaxy devices, it is most likely to be done via a software update, so look for an update notification on your Galaxy devices. You will be able to enable a particular language by going to Settings and then Languages and Input.

“Availability of content combined with easy access is the key driver for usage of any language. We clearly sense a need and a demand amongst users to communicate in local language using their mobile devices. That is the reason, as an industry leader, we are taking the lead by offering users the ease of accessing regional language content in their preferred language,” said Vineet Taneja, country head, Samsung Mobile and IT, Samsung India.


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