No Moto X for UK, Google Play edition incoming, contract-free pricing revealed

Moto XThursday’s Moto X announcement had various newsie tidbits and rather than doing multiple reports, we will be compiling everything that we might have missed about Moto X in this article.

First, No Moto X for UK

Pocket Lint is reporting via a Motorola UK spokesperson that Moto X won’t be arriving in UK, however Motorola will be releasing other smartphones in the country. The spokesperson also confirmed what Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside told CNET earlier that Moto X isn’t just a phone but a family of devices and we will see multiple Moto X smartphones over the coming months.

According to Motorola UK, some of these upcoming Moto X branded smartphones will be heading over to UK and Europe. There is no confirmed timeline or other details about these phones available at this point.

Moto X Google Play edition incoming

According to The Verge, Google will be releasing a Google Play edition of Moto X smartphone, it won’t be packing any (or most of) tweaks made by Motorola over Android in the retail version.

Like other Google Play edition phones, Moto X will also be unlocked and is expected to go on sale soon.

Moto X contract-free pricing revealed

US telecom operator AT&T has announced that it will be retailing Moto X 16GB version without contract for $575 and 32GB version for $630. The pricing, while isn’t as high as HTC One or Galaxy S4, but is still on the upside for a phone with mid-range specifications.


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