LG executive hints at upcoming tablet & smartwatch

LG LogoLG Bulgaria executive Dimitar Vulev was in a very candid mood when he sat down with dnevnik.bg for an interview and shared quite a few details about products that we can expect from LG in the coming months.

According to Vulev, LG is indeed launching a new tablet and it will reach Bulgaria around the end of year. Considering Bulgaria is not one of the first countries to get new products, we could see the release of the rumoured LG G Pad in other countries earlier than 2013-end. LG G Pad is expected to come with 8.3-inch 1920x1200p display and quad-core processor.

He also revealed that they might release a smartwatch next year but did not share any details about the product. He did say that it will first be released in the United States and might feature flexible display. We have seen a few reports in the past that had also suggested the LG was working on a smartwatch product but this is the first confirmation from an LG executive.

In addition, Dimitar Vulev noted that LG is also working with Mozilla on a Firefox smartphone but it will only appear next year and hinted at even bigger Android phablets from company. If you know Bulgarian, you can read the full interview here.

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