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Jelly Bean adoption crosses 40pc mark, Gingerbread holding steady

Android FiguresAs per the latest Android platform data released by Google, Jelly Bean Android versions 4.1 and 4.2 are now present on over 40 per cent of the total Android devices. With this, Jelly Bean has further solidified its claim on the top spot.

Other Android versions like Ice Cream Sandwich, FroYo, and Gingerbread continue on the downward spiral and are increasingly becoming less relevant. It is important to note here that Gingerbread with 33.1 per cent market still plays a key role in the Android arena but that is expected to change over this year as more consumers switch devices or upgrade to newer versions of Android.

The slow rate of updation to Android 4.2 is cause of concern but we hope the Android manufacturers finally start updating more devices to 4.2.2.

The recently launched Android 4.3 is still nowhere to be seen in the platform data as the Android 4.3 update has only been released to Nexus devices and the roll-out has been gradual. We expect to see Android 4.3 in the next data release by Google.

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