ixigo PNR Status Android app aims to end your trip management woes

ixigo PNR StatusWhat’s my train ticket status, has it been confirmed? Is my flight or train on time? These are some of the questions that every traveller deals with. Now, ixigo has come out with an Android application that aims to provide a quick resolution to all these queries without any hassle.

Dubbed as ixigo PNR Status, the application (currently in beta) supports both Indian Railway (IRCTC) Train PNR & Status and ex-India Flights PNR & Status. The app automatically fetches the PNR information from the text message sent by IRCTC or flight ticketing site and adds to your trip list, so you don’t have to bother about manually entering PNR details, however if needed you can also manually enter PNR information.

Here are some of the ixigo PNR Status features and what can be done with this app:

  • Automatic trip PNR identification
  • Review your trip status
  • PNR Status alerts
  • Train Delay alerts
  • Flight Delay alerts
  • Flight web check-in alerts
  • Paperless Boarding for Trains
  • Paperless Entry to Airports
  • See all my PNRs in one screen

“We are breaking new ground with the ixigo PNR status app. It works like magic to read, manage and notify everything important related to one’s flight or train trip. All you need to do is to install the app and ensure you get SMS confirmations for trains and flights on your phone. We’ll take care of the rest,” said Rajnish Kumar, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder, ixigo.com.

The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

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