Is Motorola making the next Nexus smartphone?

New Motorola LogoNexus smartphones and tablets have always been the centre of attraction in the Android universe and as we get closer to the release of any Nexus product, we tend to see a flood of rumours. Given the fact that Nexus 7 tablet is already official, it is now the turn of next Nexus smartphone and rumours have already started rolling in. The latest one is coming from Taylor Wimberly (of Android & Me fame).

Wimberly claims that Motorola is working on the next Nexus smartphone. He does not add any other information to substantiate his claim but given his past record with Motorola related stuff, we deemed it to be worthy of a post.

While, it won’t be very surprising to see a Motorola made Nexus smartphone, but we have also heard reports of a Moto X Google Play version and if the latter is indeed true than making a second similar device does not make sense.

Also, Google would like to keep Motorola as visibly separate from it as possible, to not antagonise other Android manufacturers by showing that Motorola is getting any kind of favourable treatment for being a Google-owned company.

Well, until we see any credible proof of Moto-made Nexus or any other company made Nexus smartphone, this is all just speculation. So, we will reserve our judgement till any real leaks or credible reports arrive.


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