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Asus to launch its first Chromebook in Q4 2013

Asus CEO Jerry Shen as at press event. File Photo

According to a report in Digitimes, Taiwanese manufacturer Asus is planning to enter the Chromebook market with the launch of its first Chrome OS powered device in fourth quarter of this year. There are currently no details on what kind of a Chromebook Asus is planning to launch but more details are expected in the coming months.

Digitimes notes that Asus was initially hesitant in joining the Chrome OS brigade but the recent downfall in the Windows laptop shipments has forced the company to look at this Google OS.

With the availability in select countries, Chromebooks are still not raking huge numbers but as more device manufacturers launch Chrome OS devices, the numbers are expected to increase. We also expect Google to work with manufacturers in bringing Chromebooks to more markets in 2014.

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