Upcoming Android version to bring app drawer sorting: Report

Android App SortingAndroid 4.3 might be missing in action and Android 5.0 far from release but leaks about these upcoming Android versions haven’t stopped coming in. Now, folks at Myce have some found one interesting detail in Android launcher code found in a project on the Linux Foundation Labs, where companies actively contribute to Android code.

This code suggests that an upcoming version of Android might bring sorting in default Android launcher. According Myce, developers have added a special dialog in launcher where you can select to either sort by alphabet or by favourites.

It might not be something extraordinary but the default launcher has been missing this feature for a long time now and almost all the third-party launcher had this built-in, even some manufacturer skins like the one by Sony includes this functionality.

The report further adds that Android will count the number of times you have opened an app and use that count to determine your favourite apps.  The same will be done with the widgets too. This sure helps when you have several app install and you have move through multiple page to reach a particular app.

This is not clear at this point whether this feature will come as a part of Android 4.3 or 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

One thought on “Upcoming Android version to bring app drawer sorting: Report

  1. I think this is great. There are a number of third party launchers offering this functionality, but almost all of them are paid versions, so it would be good to have this available in the default launcher!

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