Sony to roll-out my Xperia security service globally

my XperiaSony has announced that it is ready to release its ‘my Xperia’ remote security service to global Xperia smartphone users. my Xperia was initially released earlier this year as a pilot product in Nordic countries and after a successful beta period company is taking it worldwide.

According to Sony, my Xperia can do a lot of things to make you a less worrisome about your lost Xperia phone.

“my Xperia is Sony’s remote security app that’ll locate and protect your Xperia smartphone (& personal data) should it ever be misplaced. We recognised that your smartphone is equally important as your wallet or keys (some might argue *more*), but also just as easily lost…,” Sony wrote in a blog post.

With my Xperia, you can do the following functions on your phone Xperia

  • Sound an alert to get someone’s attention –it’ll also override silent mode and wake the display
  • Map location via
  • Lock the phone to keep info private, and ping a message with contact details or…
  • Erase both internal and external SD card info / data if required

How will I get my Xperia?

You will receive a notification on your Xperia smartphone when the service is available. Following the notification, over-the-air download/installation via Update Center (the app which also brings OTA software-updates to your Xperia smartphone) is required, and the final step includes activation via Settings -> Xperia-> my Xperia.

As the roll-out is happening region-wise, it might take some time to reach your phone.

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