Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 hands on [Images]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 hands on Samsung on Thursday launched three new Android tablets in the Indian market. Part of the company’s new Galaxy Tab 3 series, the new tablets will be available starting July 21 across the county. Many e-retailers have already put the devices on pre-order and will start shipping beginning the coming Sunday.

We spent some time with these tablets at the launch in New Delhi yesterday and here are our first impressions of the devices along with some hands on images.

Talking about Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 211 first, the tablet follows the company’s new design philosophy, in which Samsung has started to include the capacitive back and menu buttons as well as a physical home button on the tablets. This is in contrast with what Google had wanted with the introduction of on-screen buttons in Ice Cream Sandwich, but looks like Samsung loves real buttons more than on-screen buttons.

The new design also brings some physical changes, which make the Tab 3 211 about 50 grams lighter than its predecessor and also slightly thinner and smaller.

Coming to the internals, they are very similar to the company’s Tab 2 310/ 311 and there is no real improvement here. Samsung has not even improved on the display resolution (still 1024x600p), which looks sub-par given the current standards.

As this was just a brief hands on, we cannot comment on the performance of the device but considering what we see on paper, the pricing of the tablet seems to be on the higher side. Apart from the fact that Tab 3 211 will probably get the Android 4.2 or even 4.3 update, we don’t really see a reason to grab Tab 3 211 over Tab 2 310, which is selling at the much lower price right now and offers similar features.

Talking about Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 310/ 311, these tablets are more impressive than the company’s 7-inch slate. These also follow the same design principles but are better looking and thinner than the 7-inch model.

Also on the specs front, the Tab 3 310 and 311 packs a better resolution display and the latest Android version with Samsung’s new software customisations like Smart Stay, Group Play and Story Album on-board.  In terms of the internals, Samsung has included a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1.5GB of RAM on Tab 3 311 and 310.

Overall, Tab 3 310 and 311 do seems like decent tablets but the pricing is still on the higher side and it looks even more when you compare the tablets with Nexus 7. For just one-inch larger display and 0.5GB extra RAM, Samsung is asking for around INR 6K more on the Wi-Fi model and around INR 4K more on the 3G model.

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