Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specifications leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specificationsAndroid leaks and rumours have become so common these days that it is very hard to decide which one of these is likely to be the real deal. So, we often skip some of these rumours and leaks to bring you what we think is credible.

Coming to what we have today, a Korean publication has posted the alleged specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone.  If this rumour is true then Note 3 is going to be one super-phone.

According to MK News, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come with Android 4.3, 5.7-inch display (likely full HD, if not more), 3GB of RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.  It will also support LTE-Advanced, which is not surprising considering the fact that we have already seen the LTE-A variant of S4.

The report also notes that Samsung initially thought to include a 5.99-inch display in Note 3 but settled on 5.7-inch. Data from one site, which tracks imports and exports from India, suggests that Samsung has tested multiple display sizes with Note 3 including even 5.5-inches, which is same as Note II.

The 3GB of RAM on Note 3 are going to make the phablet hell lot of faster than other devices (although, we are not sure if so much is really needed in an Android phone) and it shows that Samsung is not shy of going over-the-top for keeping the top spot in Android arena. After all, specifications matter, right?

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