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Google launches re-designed Google Play for web

Google Play RedesignGoogle has rolled-out the redesigned Google Play web version to users around the world earlier today. First shown at Google I/O 2013, the redesigned Google Play client is already available on Android devices.

The web version of the Play Store also gets the same cards-based design that we have seen in the device clients but also brings some web-specific tweaks like bigger screenshots.

In terms of the changes that you will find on the revamped Google Play web version, Google has removed the tab-based design from app pages and now you can see everything including ratings and update change-log on the same page.

The updated version also keeps the left sidebar at all time, which gives you access to the navigation menu for moving around the Google Play.  App-installation screen has also changed a little for good.

While, the new design looks great visually, we are still not convinced whether it is really more productive for web users and helps users in discovering new and cool Android applications. We are reserving our verdict for now and will take a look at the Google Play version in a few days again.

Do let us know you thoughts on the redesign in comments.

2 thoughts on “Google launches re-designed Google Play for web

  1. Don’t know why.. but the fonts used on play store by google doesn’t look good in my browser (Chrome).. the letter ‘e’ looks weird…

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