Google Glass to get Boutique app store: Report

Glass Boutique-codeThe teardown of the latest Google Glass XE7 update seems to suggest that Google is working on an app store for Glass users. To be named as Boutique, it will act as a store for Glassware (that’s how Google dubs apps for Google Glass).

There is no word on when Boutique will go live but considering it is already a work in progress, we would expect it to go live before the next batch of consumers, who were selected via Google+ and Twitter competition, get their hands on Glass.

According to zhuowei, who did this tear-down and published it on his/ her Github gist, there are also hints that suggest that Google might be working on a native app SDK for Glass. Developers currently use Mirror API to make apps for Glass.

“The mention of APKs also suggest that a native app SDK for Glass is in the works. Currently, the only supported way of developing applications to Glass is via the Mirror API, which allows you to push messages to the Glass via the Internet. Updating cards using a data connection is, of course, slow, so a native application will reduce the latency and make certain use cases, such as augmented reality, possible,” zhuowei noted.

Among other little details discovered as a part of this teardown, Google also seems to be working on a lock-screen for Glass, video player and something called Clutch.

We expect to know more about these in the coming days.


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