Droid Ultra product page pops up at Motorola site, reveal couple of details

Droid Ultra product page at Motorola

Looks like, we are inching closer to the announcement of new Motorola Android phones. Product page of the upcoming Droid Ultra smartphone today popped up on the company site, in turn revealing a couple of details.

The product page is still a work in progress, as there is no image of the phone right now and also the listed specs seem to be a placeholder (as they are an exact match of RAZR M specs).

The details, which do seem to be new and part of Droid Ultra, suggest that the phone will come in a variety of glossy colour options. In addition, the phone will also feature DuPont Kevlar body for toughness.Droid Ultra

The phone tag line notes – Think Thin, which clearly points to the fact that Droid Ultra is going to be super thin, probably in 6-7mm thickness bracket.

Other details are still a mystery but we sure hope to see an official announcement in the coming days.

PS: Droid branded phones are released on Verizon’s network in the US, Motorola might release Droid Ultra’s international or other carrier variant unless it is going to be a Verizon exclusive.

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