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Always scanning Wi-Fi & improved Roboto font discovered in leaked Android 4.3 ROM

The recently leaked Always on Wi-Fi Scanning in Android 4.3Coming to the changes in Android 4.3, the first and probably the biggest one is the always scanning Wi-Fi. In the Android 4.3 Wi-Fi power settings, the normal Wi-Fi off mode isn’t really off, Android 4.3 keeps Wi-Fi partially on, so that locations services can use the Wi-Fi to scan the nearly networks to get a quick fix of you location, when needed.

If you really want your phone or tablet Wi-Fi to be “off”, you will have to go in advanced settings and turn off “Scanning always available” options to really switch off the Wi-Fi of your Android device.

Updated Roboto font in Android 4.3
Red and Yellow represent the updated Roboto font, while Blue is the old Roboto version.

Other noticeable change in Android 4.3 is the tweaked Roboto font, which has got a facelift. You might not notice them very easily but they are there. With these changes to Roboto, Google is attempting to make the font more refined and balanced.
In addition, the new Android also packs support for Bluetooth Low Energy. You can also enable dial-pad autocomplete and change DTMF (dual-tone, multi-frequency) tone lengths in the phone app settings with Android 4.3.

There are a few new developer options as well but I won’t go into the details. So, this is pretty much it and we already know about the camera, which has already been leaked in detail thanks to Google Play edition S4 and HTC One.

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  1. Android 4.3, it is going to be a pretty minor update over Android 4.2.2; Google could have even dubbed it as Android 2.2.3… meant Android 4.2.3 right??

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