Rovio announces Angry Birds Star Wars II, coming to Google Play on Sep 19

Angry Birds Star Wars 2Popular game publisher Rovio has announced the sequel to its Angry Birds Star Wars game in partnership with Lucasfilm today. The new game will go live in app stores including Google Play around the world on September 19.

Angry Birds Star Wars II might be a sequel to the original game but it follows the story-line of the three prequel Star Wars movies. The publisher is also including an interesting element in the new game. According to Rovio, for the first time in history, players can choose to “Join the Pork Side” and play as one of the villainous pigs.

“Angry Birds Star Wars was a blockbuster hit for us and Lucasfilm with over 100 million downloads since its release. We are thrilled to be able to introduce the exciting next chapter in the Angry Birds Star Wars saga to our fans around the world,” said Jami Laes, Executive Vice President of Games at Rovio Entertainment.

Another interesting addition to the game is Hasbro’s Telepods.

“The Telepods line from Hasbro brings an additional interactive layer of gameplay and content to Angry Birds Star Wars II. In addition to the vast amount of content readily available in the game, new characters and super powers can be unlocked for players by placing one of the collectible Telepods physical characters from the Hasbro line on the phone or tablet camera and scanning it into the game,” Rovio noted in a press release.

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