New Motorola Mobility logo

New Motorola LogoMotorola Mobility is finally getting ready to tweak its brand for the first time since Google acquisition. First of these tweaks is a new logo, which was spotted by guys at The Verge today.

The new logo ditches the bold and italic typeface for a thinner and softer look. The M badge is still present but will be shown in new colourful versions, one of these version appeared on the site of Techweek (image below). The logo also adds “a Google company” tagline.

The company is yet to officially announce the change but we can expect to see an announcement pretty soon. We have already the variants of this logo in some of the leaked images of Moto X phone.

The last Motorola logo change came with the split with Motorola Solutions, when the company changed the M from monochrome to bright red colour.

This is a very important time for the company as it prepares itself to get back in the smartphone market with new-motorola-logo

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