LG to launch smartphone with always on voice commands support: Report

voice controlLG is reportedly working on an Android smartphone that will come with always on voice commands support. The phone is coming next year, report Gotta Be Mobile. According to the blog, LG is implementing its voice-control solution more broadly than any voice-assistant or voice-command features available in current-generation of smartphones.

According to Gotta Be Mobile sources, LG is targeting particular situations and related apps to work better with the voice-commands like in an automobile, where hands-free experience is much desired.

This upcoming LG phone will be able to respond to user commands to switch Google Maps views or zoom-in/ out. These commands are more advanced the traditional voice solutions that allow users to open apps, play music or search for content. Any implement, like the one LG is rumoured to be working on, needs deep hooks in the applications, which would need the developers’ help like Google’s help in the case of Google Maps. So, unless LG is planning to make its own apps, we are slightly sceptical about such detailed voice-controlled scenario.

There are hardware solutions already present (almost) in the market, which provide support for always on listening support, but it is the software implementation that is going to be the key.

We are yet to see any product leaks corroborating such features till now but considering this rumoured phone is coming in 2014, we still have a lot of time for leaks.

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