HTC Butterfly S vs Samsung Galaxy S4

HTC Butterfly S vs Samsung Galaxy S4HTC today announced its upgrade to the original Butterfly smartphone in the form of Butterfly S. The phone is also a decent improvement over the company’s current flagship HTC One.  So, beginning next month, consumers in select Asia-Pacific countries will have two options from HTC while going for a high-end device.

In a way, HTC Butterfly S seems to be a perfect competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone. HTC One is great but Butterfly S improves on few of the features that some consumers might have found lacking in the One.  Even on a design front, Butterfly S isn’t bad and I personally liked the original Butterfly design quite a bit and Butterfly S looks similar apart from the inclusion of front Boomsound speakers.

So, in this report, we will take a look at how Butterfly S compares to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 on the specs front. HTC Butterfly specs also included for perspective.

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  1. why didnt htc put a 13mp ultrapixel camera inside this beast?! it would definetly beat any other smartphone camera(except for samsung galaxy camera, sony xperia honami etc.)

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