Google brings Play Books to Austria, Belgium, Ireland & Portugal

GGoogle Play Booksoogle has quietly launched its e-book store Google Play Books in four more countries. With the release in Austria, Belgium, Ireland and Portugal, the total tally of countries with Play Books support has now reached 18.

All the four countries already have access to paid apps and Play Music, so Play Books is the third content category to reach their shores. There is still no word on Play Movies and Magazines support.

Users from these four countries can now go to Books section on Google Play to buy or check out e-books.  Updated Play Store client for Android devices is already rolling out and would reach all the device shortly.

Google has been very slow in taking the content support to more countries and in the first six months for 2013, Play Books support has been added in a total of just six countries including the latest four.  Other content types have reached to even less number of regions.

Given the increasing popularity of Android, we would expect Google to try a little more for getting content partnerships and licensing agreements in place, so that more Android users can enjoy get much needed access to content.

Argentine developers can still sell paid apps in Google Play

Google has announced that it continuing to allow Argentine developers to sell paid apps in Google Play for the time being.  This is not a final solution but Google seems to be working to fix the situation.

As per an earlier directive from Google, the support for Argentine developers to sell paid apps in Google Play was supposed to end today, but developers are in luck.

It is important to note here that Argentine developers should list their paid apps like alternate stores like Amazon Appstore, so that they are caught off-guard if Google chances its stance once again.

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