Google+ and Play Music Android apps updated

Google+ Notifications SyncGoogle has released updates for two of its Android applications – Google+ and Google Play Music. The latest updates bring performance improvements and a host of new features to both the apps.

Talking about Google+ first, the update version 4.0.1 adds notification sync support. So, if you have read a Google+ notification on the website, it will automatically be synced on the Android app or other platforms.  Among other new features, Google+ Android app users will now be able to delete images directly from the Photos view.

Also, according to the change-log available on Google Play, the app will now automatically update your Google+ stream when you open the app.

Other changes in Google+ v4.0.1:

  • A new bell icon that lets you know if anything’s waiting for you
  • An updated notifications tray that separates unread from previously-read items
  • Tapping into a post shows the number of +1’s, comments and shares
  • The left-hand menu design is now more consistent with other Google apps

Coming to Google Play Music, the update version 5.0.1 brings new settings for mobile network bandwidth usage, so you will have better control of how much data the Play Music app is using. The update also increases the download speeds for any songs that you might want to save to your Android device.

Among the not-so-major changes, you can expect better search results and overall reduced data usage from the new update.

If you have selected automatic updates in Google Play Store client on your Android devices, these update will be reaching your phones/ tablets soon if not have already reached; otherwise you can manually update the apps by going to My Apps in Play Store on your device.

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