Facebook working on a news reading app for mobile users: WSJ

Facebook LogoAfter LinkedIn’s acquisition of Pulse news reader, another social giant is preparing to jump in news arena with a Reader app for mobile devices. We are talking about Facebook, which is continuously trying hard to succeed in its mobile endeavors, as its stock remains well below the IPO price.

According to Wall Street Journal’s Evelyn M. Rusli, Facebook has been working on something called Reader for a long time now. Reader is aimed to provide mobile users content from FB users as well as news publishers in visually attractive format.

There aren’t many details on how this Reader is going to look like but recent versions are said to resemble the popular news reading app Flipboard.

Analysts claim while this seems like a lucrative arena, bringing in users for news consumption on Facebook is going to be a huge challenge. Twitter and LinkedIn, two of its competitors are already way ahead of Facebook in their news related features, so it is going to be a tough road for Facebook.

WSJ adds that Michael Matas, former Apple & Nest Labs employee, is currently the lead designer on Reader project.

WSJ adds:

Mr. Zuckerberg is watching the Reader project closely, one of the people with knowledge of the matter said, and he has provided input and reviewed aspects of the design at various turns. The team has focused on creating a product experience that works on both tablets and smartphones, the person added, and it has explored different ways to highlight news content to users, including showing public posts that are trending on the site.

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