Samsung Galaxy S4 Active images appear online

Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveUpdate: Another image and a 40-sec video of Samsung’s rumoured Galaxy S4 Active have appeared online. The new information has however created some confusion about the processor in the smartphone. The earlier leaked images showed the phone packing quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, but the person in the leaked video talks about a dual-core CPU.

There is no way to know, which of these is accurate, but we are inclined to believe the presence of quad-core processor. We hope to know more in the coming days. (via)

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The first images of the phone have hit the web. Apparently, the phone was recently showcased in Croatia at some unknown event and a GSMarena reader was able to snap a few pictures of the phone for us to enjoy.

As per the tipster, the phone packs a 8MP rear camera, a downgrade from Galaxy S4 normal version, which features a 13MP rear camera. Among other details, the phone is expected to come with 1.9GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 1080p display with 480PPI and 2GB of RAM.

The Android version is likely to be Android 4.2.2. Other details are unclear at the moment, but we can expect few changes from the Galaxy S4 retail edition.

On the looks front, the design has been changed to suit the rugged nature of the smartphone; it seems to be packing some kind of a metallic shell now instead of a plastic body on GS4.

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