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Samsung exec confirms Galaxy Note 3, might pack optical image stabilization

A person uses the Galaxy Note II after a news conference announcing Samsung's update to its phone-tablet hybrid in New York
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We all know that given the success of Galaxy Note and Note II, Samsung will surely be introducing Note III smartphone later this year. However, it is always good to have confirmations – while Samsung might have not officially announced the phone, an unnamed official from Samsung mobile communications division has confirmed to ET news that Samsung is indeed working on Note III, but some of its features are yet to be finalized.

The Galaxy Note III development team is particularly looking at various camera-related technologies to incorporate in the phone. Optical image stabilization is one such technology that might be introduced as a part of Note III. Samsung is also mulling over to include optical zoom capability in the Note III’s 13MP camera but it is unlikely.

“We are pondering various technologies at this stage – for example, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and shutter functions. But, nothing has yet to be confirmed, so we cannot conclusively say that those functions will be added to the Galaxy Note 3,” the official told ET news.

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