Rovio launches Accounts to sync game progress across devices

croodsRovio, the game developer behind Angry Birds, has announced that it is introducing “Accounts,” which will allow users to sync their game progress across the devices. So, if you are playing a Rovio game on your phone now, and later start playing the same game on your tablet, your game progress will be synced. You no longer need to complete the same levels on each device that you play a game on.

“Some of you may have noticed a new feature in your Rovio games called Rovio Account. Our fans have been asking for a way to play their game on different phones or tablets without losing their progress when changing the device. This is exactly what Rovio Account lets you do,” Rovio noted in a blog post.

The “Accounts” feature is currently available to global users in “The Croods” game and in the classic Angry Birds game on iOS in Finland and Poland. The developer has promised to release the same feature on other games and platforms in the coming days

“We will gradually introduce Rovio Account into more areas in the future and also add new features,” Rovio added.

The company has also revealed that multiple Rovio Accounts can be used on the same device with different save game status, so if all family members share the same tablet, they can save their game progress separately and the same will be synced on their smartphones or vice versa.


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