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Notion Ink to rise from the dead and announce Adam II next month?

Notion Ink's first tablet - Adam
Notion Ink’s first tablet – Adam

If you have been tracking tablet development for a long time, chances are that you might have heard of Notion Ink. It is the company that promised lots of things but left many disappointed with its Adam tablet. After lot of hiccups, problems and a teaser for Adam II, the company went into hibernation around early2012 but now it seems to be waking up.

According to a report in Next Big What, Notion Ink is busy working on Adam II these days and will announce the tablet next month. The company is apparently using a “unique design with dual displays.”

It finally seems to have realized that it cannot break mass market so Notion Ink is now reportedly going to target a ‘very specific set of users.’

There is no word on specifications of this tablet and the company too isn’t concerned about them – it told the following to Next Big What,

“The main focus this time is on the design of the device as compared to specifications. Specifications have saturated now. Adding more cores doesn’t mean anything.”

Given the delays last time around, we don’t really expect to see anything next month, but still if the company does bring something enticing, we will be listening.

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